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Mrrrr's Forum / Tutoriale si Ghiduri Utile // Tutorials and useful guides / [EXCEL] Get Value of Last Non Empty Cell in Row [LOOKUP] Moderat de TonyTzu  
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Source: ... empty-cell


It does not have to be an entire column, you can make the formula like:


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Same source as above, all credit to them.

Dealing with errors

If there are errors in the lookup_vector, particularly if there is an error in the last non-empty cell, this formula needs to be adjusted. This adjustment is needed because <>"" criteria will return an error itself if a cell contains an error. To workaround this problem, use ISBLANK with NOT:


Last numeric value

To get the last numeric value, you can add the ISNUMBER function like this:


Position of the last value

If you want to get the position (in this case row number) of the last value, you can try a formula like this:


Here we feed the row numbers of the same range into lookup for the result vector and get back the row number of the last match.

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