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Mrrrr's Forum / Tutoriale si Ghiduri Utile // Tutorials and useful guides / [WORD] How to use SUM Formula in Word Moderat de TonyTzu  
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For this to work properly you must not have any merged cells in the range you want to sum.

Now, say you have a table with 12 rows of data that you must sum (12 months in a year) and some of them are blanks (or have a - symbol in them). The rows are located in the 3rd column.

1. Select the entire table by clicking on the top left corner

2. Go to Insert tab -> click on Bookmark

3. Name it Table1

4. Click in the cell where you want to have the sum inside the table.

5. Go to table Layout tab (appears when you are in the table).

6. Click on Formula (located at the far right corner of the tab).

7. A box will appear with a =SUM(ABOVE) formula in the Formula field.

8. Instead of ABOVE write Table1 C:C (mind the space between Table1 and C:C.

9. Click OK. The result should be the sum of all the numbers in the column, regardless of the table headers.

10. To show the formula inside the cell (instead of the result) you have to click on the result and press SHIFT+F9 (press SHIFT+F9 again to hide) - or you can right click the result and select Toggle field codes.

The total (SUM) won't automatically update when you change data in the column. You will have to right click the sum and select Update Fields (or create an Update Fields button in the QAT).

For number formatting of the result, check the Source below.


More about formulas in Word: ... df0ff548d0

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